Eight Platform Priorities of The American Party

1. Decrease the National debt while ensuring a strong national defense and essential social programs through a deliberate, balanced, and comprehensive approach that will not do damage to our economic recovery. (e.g. Simpson/Bowles Plan)

2. Create a strong, choice-driven public school system that encourages innovation, rigor, and success for all children with an increased emphasis on early childhood education.

3. Create an efficient, effective health care system that emphasizes preventative care and encourages healthy lifestyles for all Americans.

4. Reform Campaign Funding by doing away with the effects of the Supreme Court ruling (e.g. Citizens United) by legislation and/or amendment; requiring immediate and total transparency; and posting all donors and amounts regardless of source within five business days of receipt.

5. Reform Ethics Legislation by requiring the disclosure of all sources of income as a candidate and as an elected official. Have stand-alone ethics commissions at state and federal levels to investigate, enforce, and discipline.

6. Provide strong, unequivocal support for the Second Amendment- coupled with responsible, reasonable regulations and programs. (e.g. strong, universal background check system and better mental health diagnosis and treatment.)

7. Initiate comprehensive tax reform to acquire a simpler, fairer tax system that supports economic growth and encourages work, savings and investment.

8. Implement a comprehensive immigration policy that provides a responsible pathway to citizenship, encouragement of high skill and high knowledge immigration, employer accountability, and a strengthened national border.