Reimagine South Carolina

Let's Reimagine South Carolina together!

We mourn the lives of our South Carolina brothers and sisters who perished in the Charleston massacre. To lose these nine esteemed members of our community under any circumstance would be a great loss. To lose these members of our community due to the monstrous evil of racism is a loss like none other. While South Carolina has grown a great deal in race relations in the last century, this senseless act delineates the distance we must still travel to achieve peace,prosperity, and opportunity for all.

Like all of the country, we were inspired by our communities which joined together in peace in the aftermath of this tragedy. Focusing on solidarity, comprehension, and compassion, the people of this state took a destructive offense and converted it into a constructive, growing opportunity. While we accomplished so much together, we desperately need to continue working side-by-side to ignite change on the local and state levels. Whether it be crumbling schools, lack of adequate jobs, or systematic inequality, it is now the time to address the challenges that we face in South Carolina.

We are calling for dialogues on a community-by-community basis about the future of our state, encouraging citizens to reimagine South Carolina as the peaceful and prosperous home we know it can be. Throughout history, our country has been shaped by the creativity of engaged, everyday citizens. If we envision the future together, we can build it together.

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